Diaper banks continually need donations of diapers, diaper rash cream, and baby wipes. Find a donation center near you on Delmarva. 

How to Help

Each June, 12for1 organizes a Diaper Drive. Check out past years, and be a part of this year's effort.  

Annual Diaper Drive

Donate Diapers

  • Donate diapers, wipes & diaper rash cream 
  • Donate to the 12 For 1 GoFundMe - all funds go directly towards diapering babies on Delmarva and sometimes beyond.. You don't need to wait for the diaper drive, funds are collected year round.
  • Educate others on the diaper gap


Find Diapers

  • 11/14/16: Jennifer Garner Awarded At 5th Annual Baby2Baby Gala  |  Forbes |  by Dana Feldman
    "Garner has helped the organization distribute five million diapers and wipes. “Imagine not having the option of making your child comfortable. Imagine living in a life of poverty that seems to have no way out. Once you see the way our neighbors are living, you can’t un-see it, I can promise you that,” she said."
  • 10/3/16: With White House push, the diaper gap comes into view  |  CBS News  |  by Leanne Italie
    "“We would scrounge up change or whatever we could. We collected cans and turned them in for recycling. We would get one size only, size 4, and I would put them all in size 4 so I could get a bigger box,” she said. "I never had enough money for diapers. I would need to use the money I was going to use to eat.”
  • 3/11/16: Jet Teams with the White House and Cuties to Address Diaper Gap,

Parents in the Delmarva region, like lots of rural areas, experience the Diaper Gap. But there are resources available! 

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