After learning about the Diaper Gap in America in early 2014, and approaching my 31st birthday, I decided to collect 3100 diapers to donate in the county were I was raised, Caroline, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The name 12 for 1 was picked because that's the average number of diapers a baby uses in one day.  

At the one month deadline, 8,053 diapers, 7,968 baby wipes, and 42 tubes of diaper rash cream had been collected and delivered to St. Martin's Barn in Ridgely, Maryland. To say those numbers were overwhelming is an understatement! 

Kate Sharrow
Ashley Bergander
Melissa Johnson
Samantha Parker
Patience Walz
Liz Tryon
Lauren Lerch
Maureen Duggan
Rachel, David and Mollie Barry
Mike and Sandi Barry
Many Anonymous Donors

Jodie Kozloff
Ed Wotring
Alejandra Costello
Shary Weisman
Jeri Cain
Leslie Bassett
Amanda Lawrence
Sara Visintainer
Phyllis Cohen
Jennifer Nelson
Fay Angster

2014 Diaper Drive

Thank You

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The Gabers
Dotty Smith
Kelly Hayman
Tracy Taylor
Eric Koester
Scott Case
Joyce Belden
Mary Ann Mabini
Jennie Doumaux
Ann Ward
Allie Harmon

Janna Schaefer
Wayne and Terry Cole
Nichole Horton
Anthony Casey
Paige Wolfe
Barbara Howes
Cathy Biess
Terry Hannawald
Mindy Kibler
Bekka Fontanilla
Autumn Linkins