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To be honest, I wasn't thinking about doing another diaper drive after the success of 2014, Much to my surprise though, people were calling and asking about it - so we had a 2nd Annual 12 For 1 Diaper Drive! 

This time around we set the goal for 10,000 diapers! We'd definitely outgrown my father's garage, so Choptank Transport in Preston, Maryland, came to the rescue. They not only stored the diapers and acted as a drop-off point, but also hosted a raffle and other incentives among their employees.

Tri Gas & Oil in Federalsburg, Maryland, got in on the competition with collecting diapers, and Preston Ford assisted with transporting the diapers to St. Martin's Barn. 

And our goal of 10,000 diapers? Beat it! The final tally was 18,000 diapers. 

Sherye Nickerson
Brent Jackson
Angela Visintainer
Mike Barry
Jodie Kozloff
Angela Powell
Sarah Jeyes
Avery Crawford
Kelly Bailey

Sandi Barry

Anthony Casey

Mimi Pearson

2015 Diaper Drive

Tina Lippincott
Robin Downey
Angie Goff
Ryan  Lombardo
Lauren Lerch
Meredith Andrasik
Mallory Montazzoli
Ashley Sanderson
Sara Visintainer
Linda Matarazzo

Chris & Heather Light

Ken Smart


Emily Baron

Ann Ward

Nancy Jackson

Wendy Biggs

Mindy Kibler

Lauren Powell

Julie Byrd

Samantha Parker

Anthony Casey

Katie Mauer

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