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"Thank you for doing this. You blessed me at a time when I didn't think that I was going to survive. Coming home to a box of diapers and wipes on my doorstep dropped me to my knees. Thank you again."



Diaper Recipient

  • Be a collection point for diaper donations
  • Start an office competition or challenge another local business to see who can collect the most diapers
  • Help with delivery to St. Martin's Barn in July
  • Sponsor a contest on social media
  • Do you have any ideas? Reach out to us via the contact form

"You made me feel like a better mother for doing what was necessary for my children instead of a helpless woman down on her luck. If it hadn't been for you and your great idea I may have resorted to letting our dirty diapers dry out and reusing them. Though diapers may be a small thing in the grand scheme of things when you don't have them and have two children in need they are much more than a small thing."



Diaper Recipient

Thank You!

Ann Ward



Is your company or organization looking for a community involvement project?

12 For 1 might be the answer!

Here are a few ways your group can get involved:


Don't Forget! 

Here are a few ways you can help:

  • American Academy of Pediatrics reported staying in soiled diapers increases a child’s risk for painful skin rashes, scarring, & infections with potentially serious side effects such as kidney damage, poor growth, & struggles developmentally & socially.
  • The pain that a parent or caregiver feels at not being able to meet their children’s basic needs adds stress & tension to the already difficult task of parenting.
  • A baby needs 10 to 12 diapers a day, & a toddler needs approximately 8 diapers. (
  • 1 in 20 moms who has had to cut back on other purchases to pay for diapers has reused a disposable diaper. (
  • Without transportation, buying diapers at a convenience store rather than a large discount store can double or triple the monthly cost. (Huggies Little Bottoms)
  • Donate new or open diapers, wipes & diaper rash cream. St. Martin's Ministries is in need of all sizes, but specifically sizes 4+. Drop off diapers to The Barry’s House in Denton, The Weisman’s House in Crofton or Choptank Transport.

  • ​Make a monetary donation by check, PayPal or GoFundMe. 100% of donations will go towards the diaper drive.
  • ​​Share the diaper drive updates on your social media sites (use #12for1), ask your fr0iends for any diapers they aren’t using, & cut coupons.
  • Have another idea? Let us know via the contact form. 

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"The diaper donation I received for my son was such an amazing help to our family. We were tight on money and just did not have it in the bank at the time to purchase more diapers. Not only did we receive daytime diapers but also nighttime diapers, they were a good brand which I fell in love with and actually purchase myself now. I was so grateful for the help. This diaper drive was a life saver to my family, thank you So much!"



Diaper Drive Recipient 

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